Ceviches and tiraditos at Inti de Oro (barrio de Las Letras)

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Mixed Ceviche

17,00 €

Mixed ceviche | Restaurante Inti de Oro Barrio de Las Letras

Sea bass, shrimp and Octopus.

Ceviche selvático (hot dish)

16,00 €

Ceviche selvático hot dish Madrid | Restaurante Inti de Oro Barrio de Las Letras

Smoked Sea bass in banana leaves with lemon juice and Peruvian spices, Jora´s chicha (Peruvian drink) and yellow chili paste. Definitely it worth it.

Classic ceviche

15,00 €

Sea bass marinated in lemon juice, with a little point of limo chili pepper, Peruvian spices and onion, served with corn, sweet potato and fried corn.

Red tuna, yellow chili paste and avocado ceviche

16,00 €

Red tuna, avocado, tiger milk and yellow chili paste, with lime and flavored with coriander.

Creamy green tuna ceviche

16,00 €

Marinated with a creamy sauce based on cilantro, spinach and yellow pepper paste.

Croaker Tiradito with two sauces

15,00 €

With green sauce and yellow pepper sauce.

Croaker Tiradito (huancaíno style)

15,00 €

Inspired by our huancaína sauce, it will remind you of your time of the agachaditos.

Tuna Tiradito

14,00 €

Fine tuna slices marinated in a subtle sauce of botija olives.

10% VAT included