Main course at Inti de Oro Madrid centro

We recommend you:

Ají de gallina


Traditional lima dish with free-range chicken in yellow chili cream, bread soaked in milk, parmesan cheese and a soft-touch of nuts.

Seco de cordero lechal


Traditional Peruvian stew with coriander pasta, yellow chili pepper and red wine. Served with white rice.

Lomo Saltado


Beef tenderloin pieces flambé and sauteed with soy sauce, onion, tomato and French fries. Served with white rice.

Arroz chaufa


Chicken, meat or mixed seafood.

Arroz chaufa de verduras (vegano)



Cremoso de pallares con carne mechada en ajíes


Meatloaf cooked in chili peppers and banana leaf.

Nuestro Tacu-Tacu


Mixed seafood.

Sauteed tenderloin.



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