Main course at Inti de Oro (barrio de Las Letras)

We recommend you:

Ají de gallina

15,50 €

Ají peruano de gallina Madrid | Restaurant Inti de Oro Barrio de Las Letras

Traditional lima dish with free-range chicked in yellow chili cream, bread soaked in milk, parmesan cheese and a soft-touch of nuts.

Lomo Saltado

16,00 €

Lomo Saltado Madrid | Inti de Oro Restaurant Barrio de Las Letras

Flambeé beef tenderloin sauteed with soy sauce, onion, tomato and French fries. Served with white rice.

Seco de cordero lechal

16,00 €

Famous and special dish from the capital of Perú. Suckling lamb coocked with coriander cream, yellow chili and red wine. Served with Canary beans, white rice and creole sauce.

Chaufa rice

12,50 €

Chicken, meat or mixed seafood.

Rabbit cooked in a peanut sauce

15,00 €


Andine Strogonoff

15,00 €

Strogonoff in an Andine sauce.

Tacu – Tacu with breaded veal fillet

14,00 €

Beef fillet served with Tacu - Tacu.


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