Our ceviches at Inti de Oro Madrid centro

We recommend you:

Ceviche clásico de corvina


Sea bass marinated in lemon juice, with a little point of limo chili pepper, Peruvian spices and onion. Served with corn, sweet potato and fried corn.

Ceviche mixto


Sea bass, shrimp and Octopus.

Ceviche selvático caliente


Smoked sea bass in banana leaves with lemon juice and Peruvian spices, chicha de jora (Peruvian drink) and yellow chili paste.

Ceviche de atún rojo con pasta de ají amarillo


Generous dices of red tuna, tiger's milk and yellow pepper paste, with a touch of lime, scented with cilantro.

Ceviche caliente de langostinos


Smoked shrimp tails with tiger's milk and yellow chili pepper.

Ceviche carretillero


Traditional ceviche with crispy squid.

Ceviche de champiñones


Mushrooms slices dipped in a tiger's milk, served with corn, sweet potato and fried corn.


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