To share at Inti de Oro Madrid centro

We recommend you:

Conchitas a la parmesana
(6 units)


Scallops seasoned with butter and white wine, gratinated with parmesan cheese.

Conchitas criollas
(6 units)


Shells flambe with onion, garlic, yellow chili pepper cream, a stream of white wine and parsley.

Fried yucca


With huancaína sauce.

Choros a la chalaca
(8 units)


Selection of our best mussels with a chalaquita based on onion, yellow chili pepper, limo chili pepper and cilantro. Marinated with lemon and olive oil.

Choros Capón


Chiffon-style mussel casserole.

Tartar de atún al rocoto


Red tuna tartare marinated in a rocoto sauce.

Tequeños de queso y champiñón
(6 units)


Stuffed with caramelized onions, mushrooms and cheese.


10% VAT Included.